Welcome to TTC Perlach e.V. in munich

Our club exists as a pure table tennis club since 1954.
We offer professional system training for children, young people and adults, who want to play table tennis as a competitive sport.
We are a lively, familial and multicultural club.
Also we are known for our passionate youth work with around 40 children and young people. 
For adults, we have a community of active players, who work together to ensure a good club atmosphere and the club's work.
We welcome everyone who enjoys being involved in the club and who treats others with consideration and tolerance.

Club opening hours:

Tuesday     5:00  -   9:30 p.m
Thursday   5:00  -   9:30 p.m
Friday         5:00  -   7:00 p.m (starting in October)
Saturday  10:00 a.m  -   6:00 p.m


Gym St. Veit Grundschule
Entrance Gerlosstrasse 3
81673 Berg am Laim, Munich Bavaria

Young players and adult training

We offer guided system training for our young people and adult players.
The condition is that you master all basic strokes confidently and are registered as a team player, or plan to play for our club.
Tuesday     7:00  -   9:00 p.m
Thursday   7:00  -   9:00 p.m
We warmly invite you to take part in a trial training session with us.
Write to us where you have played so far and how you would rate your skill level.
Please definitely contact us so that we can arrange an appointment with you.
Unfortunately, we currently have to stop accepting purely leisure time players, due to excessive demand.
Contact adults
Stephan Lissel board member

Children`s training

Tuesday     5:00  -   7:00 p.m
Thursday   5:00  -   9:30 p.m
Our children have training twice a week and take part in competitions.
Children from the age of 6 train with us, the motivation of the children and close cooperation with the parents is important to us.
We offer a free trial lesson for children between 6 and 10 years old (born 2014-18) to get to know our training, the trainers and our club.
If your daughter/son is interested in visiting our training, send us an message/email with the name and age of your child.
Please also write where and whether your child has ever had come in touch with table tennis (club, school, leisure time).
We look forward to your message!
Contact children training:
Carolin Moosmang, trainer and 2nd board member
Maxi Micholka, trainer and youth officer

Club contributions


active players
(with match licence)

 192,00 Euro
  (16,00 Euro monatlich)

leisure players
(without match licence)

 156,00 Euro
  (13,00 Euro monatlich)

reduced contribution
(für children, youth, trainees, students up to 26 years)
   96,00 Euro
    (8,00 Euro monatlich)
passive members
(non playing)
    36,00 Euro
     (3,00 Euro monatlich)
leisure playing parents
(with children paying money for training)
    36,00 Euro
     (3,00 Euro monatlich)

Participation in children's and youth training is supported by parents with training money of 250 euros per year.


Our team players take part in guided system training.
Billing takes place directly via the Maxi Micholka table tennis school.